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TV Shows, Podcasts, Audio Books, and much more...

Digital files. That's what the world runs on now. Music, movies, video games, software applications, ringtones, TV shows and more. All digital, all downloadable.

Why wait for -- or pay for? -- a CD, DVD, or any other "box of software"? Get immediate access to the legal downloadable digital files you want, without the cost of packaging and without the delays of shipping!

Stay away from those dicey "free download" websites. Downloadable digitial files have become pretty cheap. So why risk the legal hassles of copyright violation when you can get a song or a movie for less than a buck or two? Why run the risk of picking up spyware, malware or some other computer virus by visiting a website or peer-to-peer server you know nothing about?

Legal Downloads offers reviews and immediate access to the best and most affordable downloadable digital files, and always from the most secure and trusted sites. We tell you all about the online companies that offer legal MP3s, movie downloads, iTunes, podcasts, TV show video files, video games and game add-ons, ring tones, clip art, audio books, software and more. Plus we provide discount codes, coupons and freebies from those companies whenever we can!

So begin your search for your favorite 100% legal downloadable files now. It's easy. Just click a category at the left and explore the safe, secure and affordable world of Legal Downloads!

Check out the following categories of fully legal downloadable digital files available from

Legal Music Downloads - Search for your favorite artists and songs in catalogs filled with MP3s, iTunes, WAV files! Plus software to find, manage and record digital music!

Legal Movie Downloads - Access full-length feature films without driving to the video store! Downloadable and streaming movies, with subscription or pay-per-view options.

Legal Video Game Downloads - Find all the games you want, for any type of device: PC, mobile games, Sony PlayStation (PS2 and PS3) and PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS, and the Xbox and Xbox 360. The latest and greatest in action, shooter, sports, classic, casual and educational games!

Legal Ringtone Downloads - Get the latest music ringtones, sound ringtones, even software to create your own ringtones!

Legal Software Downloads - The latest in Windows and Mac software and utilities, PC and system-specific games, educational software, handheld software, security software, graphics and multi-media software, programming and reference software, personal productivity software and much more.

Legal TV Show Downloads - Miss your favorite TV show? Want to find a new TV series to watch? Download tens of thousands of TV episodes and watch when and where you want!

Legal Podcast & Audio Book Downloads - Listen to new and classic books via MP3 and iTunes audio files! Hear commentary, stories and interviews via podcasts! A great way to listen while you drive, work out, or lay on the beach!

Legal Clip Art, Stock Photography and Font Downloads - Search through the largest online collections of royalty-free clip art, fonts and digital stock photography. Great for creating ads, websites, products.